Jeremy Freudberg

I am an undergraduate student at Boston University, studying computer science and linguistics. I will graduate in May 2019. You can find out about my accomplishments, credentials, and interests here.


Research Assistant / Software Engineering Intern, Massachusetts Open Cloud
I'm currently focused on the realization of the Open Cloud eXchange model. Previously most of my efforts at the MOC were devoted to Big Data as a Service (Cloud Dataverse, OpenStack Sahara, and beyond) and federated clouds (in particular, federated networking). In the distant past I also was involved in the monitoring of the MOC, did UI/UX stuff, and wrote Puppet manifests.

Software Engineering Intern, Red Hat
I work on the OpenStack Sahara project, which is a service providing Big Data processing on OpenStack (cluster provisioning and job submission). Prior to joining Red Hat I had a long history with that project.


I like linguistics, and I always point out that every linguistics fact is a fun fact. I'm allegedly interested in computational linguistics, although I haven't done much with that. Some day I would like to know more about the phonology (NOT phonetics) of singing. Historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, and morphology (bonus points if you intersect all three) are also neat.

I find myself reading Wiktionary way too often.

I care about FOSS but I'm not a zealot about it whatsoever.

I play the double-reeds, mainly oboe, English horn, and bassoon. I listen to a lot of classical music, but not only classical.

Geography is great. I read Google Maps even more than Wiktionary. I memorize streets, and like to look for "secrets" like abandoned or undeveloped rights-of-way. I think a lot about public transit in the US also.


There is various media (photos, videos, written works) of me online, and all of it embarrasses me to some extent. Regardless, please enjoy my talk at the May 2017 OpenStack Summit, and me on Cuban national television.


If you have any amount of Internet-fu, you can find my contact details (and more) incredibly easily.